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Download Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools V7.0.3 Full Update

Download Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools V7.0.3 Full Update

Uninstaller: This feature allows users to remove any built-in apps. Xiaomi phones usually come shipped with several default apps including Mi Store, Mi Calculator, Mi Scanner, Mi Remote, etc.
This feature allows users to uninstall any default app. Those apps are not bloatware for some. Others may think it useless and hence it becomes bloatware for them.
This feature can also uninstall any factory apps and services.
Camera2: The most wanted feature. Many Mi Fans are demanding to unlock their phone bootloader just to enable the Camera2 API. This feature allows users to enable and to disable Camera2 API, to enable and to disable EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), and to reboot into recovery.
Once the Android Camera2 API has been enabled, users can install any camera apps with manual controls, just like a DSLR.
File Explorer: This is the most loved feature. This launches a File Explorer that lets users manage their files stored within the phone’s storage. This feature is very convenient because sometimes copying and pasting files from and to the phone is crucial.
Screen Density: Users can now adjust and change the DPI value of their phone screen easily. The higher the DPI, the better the display. The lower it is, the lower its display quality but it can save battery power.
Device Properties: Once clicked, the XAF will retrieve many statistics and information about your device.
Flasher: This is the ultimate feature of XAF. The software can flash almost anything that is flash-able through the ADB-Fastboot connection. Users can flash custom recoveries, flash Fastboot ROMs, etc. This feature is also capable to boot any image.
Wiper: Well, its name tells everything. This feature is necessary for those who want to wipe caches or perform a factory reset.
OEM Unlocker/Locker: This will unlock the phone bootloader in one condition; the phone runs Android One (Mi A1/Mi A2). This won’t work on MIUI devices.
MIUI ROM Downloader: This feature is very helpful. Instead of browsing around just to download the correct MIUI ROM, this feature directly fetches the link to Fastboot ROM. Users can either copy the link or download the ROM directly.
Rebooter: This reboots users’ phones effortlessly without touching the power button.
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